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Junkers brand JU52 "Iron Annie" chronograph

In my opinion, the best of the larger JU52 models is the one with the white/silver face. This is mainly because the colour most closely matches that of the corrugated aluminum panels on the JU52 aircraft's fuselage. The larger models are also the more difficult to acquire as the smaller white or black face models were produced in much larger numbers and are relatively easy to come by even today (Jan. 2016).


Pretty close to the top-of-the-line as far as cal. 3133s are concerned. Decorated movement; stainless case; sapphire crystal; 5 ATM; decent strap; and looks great on the wrist to boot.

Notice the four-digit serial number?

JU52 meets Antonov Condor

The history of the aircraft cannot be adequately summed up here, but it had a very storied history beginning in 1931 right through to the present day.

Initially a civilian aircraft, the JU52 was later adopted by the German Luftwaffe as the mainstay transport aircraft during World War II. Albeit very slow, and easy targets for enemy fighters, the JU52 served on all fronts including, and perhaps most famously, the airlifting of supplies to the encircled sixth army at Stalingrad.

Today, JU52 aircraft once operated by the Swiss air force are available for public flights via JU-AIR at the Air Force Center Uberlandstrasse 255 near Zurich.

JU-AIR JU52 Video

JU52 at the beach

On a beautiful beach in Prince Edward Island, Canada, in the summer of 2015.

This is another of those chronographs that I ended up paying near full price for despite searching for years for a bargain; there were just not that many available.