Trading House Poljot/Flight (1MWF)

Late-model "Russian Time 1930" brand chronograph

Trading House Poljot, one of the companies formed after the collapse of Poljot in the early 2000s, has produced watches for the Russian market, with apparent success, to this day. The company currectly has four brands (Charm, Pilot Time, Ranger, and Russian Time 1930), all with their unique styles for targeted clientel. For the collector of Russian timepieces the "Russian TIme 1930" brand is of particlar interest, as a few of the piece have a retro Poljot-look to them as well as utilizing Japanese, Russian, and Swiss mechanical movements.

This particular chronograph is one of two late-models produced with the final stocks of the cal. 3133 movement, and (as far as I know) was/is only available to the Russia market. Being that it is a domestic only model, I had coveted this piece for sometime and was thrilled to finally be able to purchase one in new condition in Jan. 2015.

The watch also has the destinction of being presented to members of the 37th and 38th expedition to the International Space Station.

Chronograph Presentation to ISS Cosmonauts

Basilka casing

Simple but elegant case back inscription. The number below the brand name is the model of the watch.

MakTime 3133

Some older movements made up of nos parts are being utilized in some 1MWF offerings, however I have been very lucky in getting late-era MakTime movements in the majority of my pieces.

Wrist shot

A stunning Russian designed chronograph. For those who may be wondering how the chronograph's minute counter works, the tail end of the minute hand/counter records the first 15 minutes of accumulated stop-watch function time, and then you switch to the long arm of the same hand for the remaining 15 minutes.