Trading House Poljot/Flight (1MWF)

Late-model "Russian Time 1930" brand chronograph

The other in the set of two late-model cal. 3133 chronographs produced by Trading House Poljot with the final stocks of movements. Being that these pieces were, as far as I know, only available in the domestic market, I was happy to purchase both from Russian and Ukrainian sellers in January and December of 2015.

Gold plated to 5 microns

A beautiful piece all around. The dial is exceptionally well designed, and the colours are perfect for the gold-plated Basilika casing. The catalogue pics never do them justice and are part of the overall marketing problem.

Basilka casing

Simple but elegant case back inscription. The number below the brand name is the model of the watch.

Wrist shot

It is difficult to own such nice watches a never wear them, but I can not risk damaging such wonderful and rare pieces. Therefore, when not in storage elsewhere, nos watches in my possession are only worn around the house. I do however have a few pieces that were purchased new that I wear on a regular basis. And yes, they all have a few of the inevitable dings and scratches on the cases and crystals.

If you wear a watch during a normal active day, whether at work or during liesure activities, you will eventually damage it.

Brand Set

The complete set of the "Russian Time 1930" branded cal. 3133 chronographs.