Junghans J88 Replica

Poljot produced Junghans replica

Identical to the Poljot "Luftwaffe/Air Force", which itself is a copy of the Junghans J88, this piece goes one step further with the use of the name "Junghans" on the dial and case back, as well as having the Junghans company star logo etched on the crown; all unauthorized, of course...

Although the etching on the case back and crown is pretty cool, the dial face on this watch has no luminance to speak of - not so with my late-model Poljot branded Air Force. Also note the numerals on this model are actually more blue than green, and that the movement dates it to one of the earlier Junghans replica chronographs produced at 1MWF. Poljot began producing Junghans J88 replicas ca. 1998.

Case back

"Junghans Flieger Chronograph" - not that easy to read. Errors in German spelling indicate a foreign/Russian translation.

Crown w/"J" for Junghans

Hanhart Tachy Tele

Poljot produced Hanhart replica

A Poljot rendition of the Hanhart oldie that was also reissued by Hanhart at a price point in the thousands. I doubt that anyone with the means to purchase the original Hanhart replica would want to substitute a cheap Poljot, nor would they be fooled into thinking it was an original, and therefore no real impact on Hanhart sales. However, if sold in certain markets I imagine Poljot could have been liable for trademark infringment.

Curiously, Poljot produced Tachy Tele replica dials were later branded "Poljot" and the "17 Jewels" print replaced with the "23 Jewels" normally associated with the cal. 3133.

Case back

What I dislike about etchings, as oppossed to stamps, is that you risk fading the ink whenever making an attempt to polish out scratches that may be present on the case back. This otherwise very clean watch has a few scratches on the case back that I choose not polish too aggressively.