Poljot Komandirskie


One of three different versions of tankist dial produced in the late-1990s. The foreign reissue version is recognized by the different number font and handset (see AF model below middle), and the two Poljots have either silver chrono eyes, such as with this model, or painted with trim.

Limited numbers of this particular model has been resurfacing here and there over the years, and currently there are a few unearthed pieces for sale at "Poljot24.de" for 385euro (July 20, 2013).

Soviet T-62
Comrades Komandirskie

In order from left to right: Original Poljot Navy Komandirskie ca. 1989; Foreign Air Force Komandirskie ca. 1995; Poljot Tank Komandirskie 1996-2000.

Foreign version of the Komandirskie ""Tankist" Chronograph (ca. 1995)

There are three versions of the Komandirskie "Tankist" chronograph dial produced in the mid-to-late-nineties; two with silver chronograph eyes, and one later version produced in Russia with an all black face. The foreign version does no state where it was made on the dial, has the distinct Vostok "Tankist" numeral font, is fitted with what appears to be a Swiss made hand set, and the dial also appears to be made from stainless steel.