Poljot BiColour

Bi-colour case lives on

This is my third Poljot chronograph to sport this unique bicolour dial that dates back to the early-nineties.

These are definitely not the highly sought-after military-theme Aviator and Sturmanskie chronographs that we have to have as a part of our collections, and therefore can usually be had at very reasonable prices. Although, as we close in on 2014, there seems to be less and less in the way of bargains for just about any Poljot chronographs in good condition.

Late-nineties case back

Cyrillic on the dial, Latin on the case back.

Poljot/Poljot International dial

Check out the "Nicolas II" chronograph in the next section, the dial is identical to this dial but with a change of overlay print; as is the case with many of the chronograph dials.

Catalogue vs. Reality

Shouldn't the catalogue images look equally as good, or even better, than the real thing? This was rarely, if ever, the case with Poljot catalogue imagery.