Romanoff Moscow

Russian Battlecruiser "Moscow"

A very wearable, not-too-showy, Romanoff designed chronograph.

Starting in 1993 the company "Romanoff", working out of the 1st Moscow Watch Factory under the Poljot umbrella, was responsible for producing many of the collector chronographs available during mid-to-late nineties. Many of the MiG, Special Forces, and other military equipment homages, such as what we see here, can be attributed to the Romanoff company.

For some reason they are not nearly as sought after as the "Poljot" branded chronographs, and that maybe attributed to an apprehesion over possibly purchasing a fake, or non-Russian, produced watch. As with many Russian designed chronographs during the mid-to-late 1990s, the overuse of gilt and contrasting casing materials can turn just about anyone (in the west?) off wearing these watches, and therefore many were purchased solely for collection purposes. And as a result, many are still available in pristine condition.

New case back design
New bridge stamps

A new set of bridge stamps featuring a new "P" prefix for the calibre stamp, and a "MADE IN RUSSIA" stamp for the balance wheel bridge, would be applied starting in 1997. The "MADE IN RUSSIA" stamp would be applied through 2004, while the "P3133" would remain through 2011 on most movements.