Poljot Special Forces

Spetsnaz USSR (Made in Russia)

The Special Forces watches are unique in that the dials and casings are very detailed and not shared with any of the other mid-nineties chronographs. It's too bad they didn't go that extra mile and fit a bezel that actually rotated.

By the mid-nineties dozens of different military-themed chronographs were being produced by Poljot for export. So much so, that it's virtually impossible to collect them all; even if you really wanted to...

This "Spetsnaz USSR" model was probably produced by one of the factions inside of the Poljot factory. It features a tachymeter scale and double telemeter scales. If you look closely, you can see that one of the telemeter scales is a plastic ring fitted to the inside of the case. I sense there was a general apathy about this mis-matching of cases and dials at Poljot... because it happened a lot!

For Army Only!

Shhh! Better keep this one on the hush...

One of the cooler features of later versions of these chronographs is the case back decal, it changes colour with the angle of light.

Afghanistan BMP-2

A similar model with identical case back that features a pulse meter and blood drop printed on the dial.

The Soviet Union was at war with insurgents in Afghanistan from 1979-1989.