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Roman Century

The Romanoff company has been working out of the 1st Moscow Watch Factory since 1993. It's unclear exactly which chronographs were design by them, if any, in the early part of the 1990s, however it is clear they produced many different military themed cal. 3133 based pieces in the later half of the 1990s. They are not the most popular 1MWF chronographs, but they are unique in design and can often be found in near new condition.


These particular pieces are very typical of most Romanoff military-theme chronographs. There are dozens of different dial designs featuring all kinds of military equipment. A collection solely focused on Romanoffs would definitely take some time to complete.

Romanoff 1998 catalogue

Besides military themed 3133s, Romanoff also produces homages to Russian nobility, such as Emporer Peter the Great and Empress Cathering the Great.

I tried to purchase one of these chronographs directly from Russia via the companies online store, but never received a reply from the person in charge regarding my request. Unfortunately, I have found this poor customer service quite normal when dealing with retailers and producers of Russian chronographs (in Moscow).

Update: I have purchased a "Peter the Great" chronograph through eBay auction (see 1997-99 - Peter I).

Romanoff Sturmanskie