Poljot Kapitaen

Rare black dial ca. 1992

Limited availablity of this model make it a must purchase when available, even at a relatively high cost. When the opportunity arose to aquire two within one week, at a reasonable cost for both, I was in shock! Thanks to Watchuseek forum member "emoscambio" for helping to secure the better of the two pieces, as well as sending along the rare little figurine (pictured) that was manufactured at Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in Moscow.

The model with the steel bracelet has been rebuilt with replacement crystal, rotating bezel; balance wheel assembly; mainspring; and nos case. It runs adequatly, but is by no means a strong runner. The dial is in pretty good condition, but with some noticable staining in certain lighting conditions.

Conversely, the other piece is in acceptionaly good/original condition and is a very strong runner. The only flaw is some brown glue stains around some of the indice - and curiously, this is a trademark of most of the Kapitans I have seen in other collections. I suspect the applicators were either unpaid interns, simply learning the trade, or suffering from too much, or perhaps too little, Vodka consumption! ;-)

Case backs

I was wondering what these would have looked like if script, anchor, and star were painted.


Both movements are ca. 1992. Notice the serial number on the right hand piece is "17001"? I just missed "17000"!