Poljot Sturmanskie 31659

Final edition w/stainless steel case ca. 1992

The final and, in my opinion, best edition of the new Sturmanskie chronograph with original stainless steel case and additional stop-watch function. Beyond this point in time, chromium plated cases replaced the stainless steel cases and the cal. 31659 movement is rarely utilized.

Exceptionally good condition

Nowadays it is difficult to find this watch in like-new condition with all it's original luminance present; over time the hardened lume blobs tend to become unattached from the indices.

35th anniversary "Sputnik" bracelet

I doubt that this bracelet was produced by Poljot, however the anniversary of the dawning of the space age corresponds with the likely production date of this chronograph.

Poljot cal. 31659 movement

As you can tell this movement is a cal. 31659, but for some unknown reason the bridge stamp is of the new "SU 3133"(ca. 1991) design.