Poljot MiG-31

Russian Interceptor Pilot

Yet another MiG. ;-) This one is a very hard-to-find-good-condition model, and I'm very happy to have purchased it in near new condition. The little details like the bezel script, etched casing, and stamped case back are what make these watches so desirable. Most of the Poljot MiG dials are similar in design and based on other mainstay dials, but with the addition of the MiG plane graphic and MiG 29/31 script - therefore I'm always on the look out for some of the more unique pieces.

Stamped case back

Lots of detail, and the screw down back makes it even more desirable.

Side stamped

Nice! If only they would have produced these watches with stainless steel casings...


There are more than enough MiG-29/31 pics on these pages, so for a change we have a (fictional) MiG-21 in RCAF colours. It would have been nice if Poljot would have paid tribute to some of the older Soviet built planes as well.