Poljot Classic

Top selling Poljot Chronorgaph?

Most likely. It certainly was in early-1990s Germany, as judging by it's ever-presence on eBay Italy auctions, it must have been very popular there as well. Not only was this dial popular in and of itself, it was also the base for dozens of other Poljot chronograph dials with the addition new graphics. A real "classic", for sure!

This particular chronograph is in mint condition and was produced ca. 1996, however the first of it's kind dates back to the late-1980s and are marked "Made in USSR". Although a little dated by end of the 1990s, the watch remained popular as affirmed by an appearance in the 1998 Poljot catalogue, and to this day they are still easily obtainable via online retail and auction sites worldwide.


GIve your "classic" Poljot a little more wrist presence with a "ledermax" bund strap.

Some "classic" Russian vodka?

She says "come back when you've got a few watches under your belt"