Romanoff Minesweeper

Still available in new condition

Another from the Romanov mid-nineties military series. Today (Aug '13), chronographs from this series can still be purchased brand new from online eBay stores RUSCAMERA and Juri Levenberg, or directly from Romanov if you happen to be in Moscow.

The use of gold-plating is a turnoff for most westerners looking to purchace a military-themed Russian chronograph. Therefore, from my experience, most will look to purchase either a chrome-plated or stainless-steel Sturmanskie, one of the numerous stainless-steel-aviator-style chornographs, or a stainless steel Okean, instead.

Case back

This particular watch is from the original limited edition batch of 800. Most of the Romanov military-series case backs look exactly like this one.

"Ivan Golubets" Natya-class Russian Minesweeper

Sorry, no gold-plating...