Poljot Bodyguard

Presidential Security Service (SBP)

The SBP is tasked with many different responsibilities regarding the protection of the President of Russia.

This really is a well designed chronograph with some really cool features: titanium case, gold-plated bezel with edition number and "Bodyguard" stamp, superb Russian Coat of Arms graphic on an aesthetically pleasing dial (Columbus '92), gold plated crown and push-buttons, and very tastefully done stamped case back with brushed face and polished sides.


A unique bezel stamped with the word "Bodyguard" and the limited edition number.

Case back

A unique polished and brushed case back stamped with the Presidential Security Service (SBP) insignia.

Alternate pic

Currently (Aug 15, 2013), Juri Levenberg has a NOS pieces for sale at his eBay store for 425 euros - well worth the price for a mid-nineties treasure from the Poljot factory. Mid-to-late 1990s plated cases in excellent condition are not-so-easy to find.

Original Strap & Buckle

The strap is an original Poljot with gold buckle and crown stamp.