Poljot Buran

Classic Buran dial

Although the dial labeled "Made in USSR", this particular version of the new Buran brand chronograph, as indicated by the age of the movement, was produced in late-1992 or early-1993. The well known coin-edge bezel casing is a throw back to the old Kirov, 1MWF chronographs of the late-1940s, and had been produced on and off with the cal. 3133 since 1990.

It's unfortunate, in my opinion, that the cathedral hands were not utilized more than they were on other Buran, Poljot, and Sturmanskie branded chronographs.

Early version Buran casing

As is the case with this model, the earliest versions of this chronograph have a stainless steel cover that is held in place by a thin metal retaining ring that screws into the casing. Later version have the dreaded snap-on case backs that can be a challenge to remove and reinstall. It's unlikely that you will find an original Buran of this type with a snap-back and brass balance wheel.

Two Burans are better than one

Early-nineties Sotheby's "Russian Space History" auction book.

Chrome-plated Buran

The much more nunerous chrome-plated version of the chronograph. Twenty plus years later and they are still being resold in mumbers through classified/eBay listings at any given time - I'm sure I could find ten or more (Apr. 2014). A newer version of this watch, with this dial, in a higher quality stainless steel casing, is also still available for retail sales (i.e. new condition).

Early display case back

I believe this to be an original Poljot display back, as I have seen them on other Poljot chronographs - some of which were distributed by Poljot V (later Poljot International) and in nos condition with tags.