Poljot Komandirskie

MiG 31 Chronograph

What's unique about this chronograph is that it utilizes the old civilian-style Poljot dial and hand set with the addition of the red star, "Komandirskie" text, and a MiG 31 fighter printed on the dial. Many of the standard dials were modified with addition imagery , and then fitted with different hand sets and cases to create new models. The vast majority were military-themed, and the majority of the military-themed chronographs were MiG fighter homages.

Someone could compile a substantial collection of dozens of MiG chronographs if they really wanted to.

Original Poljot box

There is no doubt when this watch was made (11.1.92). This particular graphic of the MiG 31 can be found on numerous other dials; usually in green or blue.

Early etched case back