Poljot Kapitaen

Rare classic ca. 1992

Whether collectors are unwilling to part with this chronograph, or production was very limited, this dial is rarely up for auction or available for sale in any condition.

As you may or may not have noticed, in contrast to this particular chronograph, the vast majority of my post-1987 collection is in very good to excellent condition. The dial on this piece, however, has numerous minor scratches on the lower-section of the dial, and therefore may have been a reject/second that was sold off at a later date when the dial became a rarity. I can also imagine someone obtaining the dial minus the indices and replacing the dial on another chronograph with it - although all the components are ca. 1992.

Overall, however, the watch is in decent condition and definitely worth preserving.

"Military Maritime Fleet of Russia"

There are three case backs identical to this one in this section.

Soviet "Yankee" class K-137

Soviet-era second-generation nuclear submarine capable of launching nuclear weapons when submerged.

Missing windows? ;-)