Poljot Camel Trophy Chronograph

Poljot International-style case w/ hinged cover 1990

The Camel Trophy was a 4*4 endurance competition/expedition that was held in different locations around the globe between the years 1980 and 2000. The event was sponsored by Camel brand cigarettes owned by R.J. Reynolds tobacco.

This competition took place in the Soviet Union in 1990, between the cities of Bratsk and Irkutsk, on a route through the taiga and down the western shore of lake Baikal.


My guess, based on the age of the movement, is that Poljot was commissioned to produce the watch by the organizers of the event prior to it taking place. The entire design of this watch was very new and unique to anything Poljot had produce prior to 1990.

Whether or not the components (other than the movement) were manufactured by Poljot, or one of it's regular suppliers, is unknown to me. They could very well be of Swiss design, as an identical case and hand set has been utilized by Poljot International, and some other watch companies utilizing the cal. 3133, for many years.

Soviet era cal. 3133 movement

What a beauty!!

...and the lady is quite pretty too!

Wrist shot